Tango is not just steps. Anyone can teach you a step. We teach you how to DANCE!

Dancing with Patrick-002Tango is a dance about connection: the connection between you, your partner and the music. It's also about the connection between every couple on the dance floor at that moment. Tango is an improvisational dance, but it has a structure that facilitates the communication between the partners. That communication and union of two people in that brief time is the point of this dance--not how many steps you can do or how fast you can do them.

Tango music evokes many feelings. It can be sad, happy, romantic, playful, ironic, nostalgic. Understanding and loving the music is one of the most important keys to becoming a good tango dancer. 

Someone once said that every tango is a three minute love affair. Another way of saying "connection." My goal is to help you find the path to that magical connection.

 I am fortunate to have several wonderful assistants. All of these people give their time to come and help newer tango dancers in my classes, and I deeply appreciate their help.


About the film: Shown in Spanish with English subtitles. Featuring an extraordinarily moving performance from Héctor Alterio and dazzling dance numbers, “Fermin: Glorias Del Tango” centers on psychiatrist Ezequiel Kaufman (Gaston Pauls, “Nine Queens”), who has been offered a four-year residency at a prestigious clinic. But first, he must present a clinical case study and he finds the perfect one in 85-year-old Fermin Turdera (Alterio), who expresses himself through the lyrics and titles of tango songs. As Ezequiel digs deep into the causes of this unique phenomenon, he is reintroduced by Fermin to a cultural expression he took for granted and discovers that tango is more than just dance and music…it is a way of life, with a philosophy of its own. Written and co-directed by OLIVER KOLKER, renowned tango performer and teacher.

For a review by Naomi Hotta: naomihottango.wordpress.com/…/fermin-the-movie-in-e…/
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img010I love, Love, LOVE this book and DVD! "Tango: Let's Dance to the Music" by Joaquín Amenábar, who has taught brilliant musicality classes for us for the past two years (he'll be back in this July!). This book is the Rosetta Stone for tango dance music. Every tango dancer should own it and use it. I don't care how long you've been dancing, it will improve your dance. And it's FUN! (Not quite as fun as his classes, but the next best thing to having him here.) Joaquin left some extra copies with me and I'll have them available at all my classes and milongas until they run out. $40 and worth so much more. Thank you Joaquín, for answering the many questions I've had about tango music over the past 23 years--including the one no one could ever answer for me: What makes a tango a tango? Want to know? Get the book/DVD!

I hope you'll become a member of our tango community. Feel free to contact me by e-mail, Facebook (friend me at A Puro Tango) or call me at (323) 653-5883.


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