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Guest workshops are open to everyone in the tango community, whether or not you take my regular classes. I try to bring the best teachers of social tango to Los Angeles every year so all of us can continue to grow as dancers and expand our knowledge and appreciation of this beautiful dance. These are teachers I want to study with, and I take the classes along with the students. I then review the material in my own classes so the students can practice and retain it.

All guest teachers are available for private lessons. Prices vary and discounts are available for multiple classes. Call me for information at (323) 653-5883.

At last! Facundo De La Cruz and Paola Sanz,the 2012 Salon Tango World Champions are coming to Los Angeles! We just got their work visa approved, and they will be here February 11th - 25th. These superbly talented dancers and teachers will be giving two weekends of group workshops and several performances, starting Tuesday, Feb. 11th at TANGO MIO. They are also available for PRIVATE LESSONS. Book now, because they will be very much in demand. Call Linda at (323) 653-5883.
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Facundo De La Cruz & Paola Sanz won the title of World Champions of Tango Salon at the 10th World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires on August 12, 2012. They are talented representatives of a generation of young dancers who are dedicated to the art and tradition of salon tango. Hailing from the provinces of Cordoba and Chubut, they have honed their dance for more than ten years, four of which have been together. Their independent exploration of the essence of tango salon, elegance, connection, and musicality, has allowed them to create a dance that is unique, yet traditional. After winning several tango competitions in the provinces, they moved to Buenos Aires, where they are teaching and performing in many prominent venues. Facundo is known for his crisp enrosques and sharp syncopations, and Paola for her delicate and elegant footwork.

Performance Schedule
Tuesday, February 11, Tango Mio Milonga:Milonga 8pm-1am; Peformance 10:45 pm. $15. At Candela (formerly Leonardo's) 831 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, 90036

Friday, February 14, Milonga Luna, Studio City

Saturday, February 15, Sonata Room Ballroom Party, Arcadia

Tuesday, February 25, Tango Mio Milonga
:Milonga 8pm-1am; Peformance 10:45 pm. $15. At Candela (formerly Leonardo's) 831 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, 90036

Workshop Prices: $25 per workshop; 15 % off four or more classes . Payment by cash, check or credit card.

Privates Classes: $125 per hour (includes studio rent.) They are available Feb. 11th – 25th. Call Linda to schedule.

For more info and reservations: Call Linda Valentino at (323) 653-5883 or see our website: . Friend A Puro Tango on Facebook!


All Workshops at Hollywood Dance Center, 817 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles,90038
(1-1/2 blocks north of Melrose; free parking on both sides of Highland and behind the studio in spaces behind the white buildings with green trim (please read signs).

Saturday, February 15th

4 – 5:25 pm: Tango Salon I (All Levels) Elegance and technique. Embrace: how to connect quickly, fundamental opposition and control of basic movements.

5:35 – 7 pm: Tango Salon II (All levels) Floorcraft and control of small spaces, follower's adaptation to each leader, intention and axis.

Sunday, February 16th

1 – 2:25 pm: Milonga I (All Levels) Cadence and rhythm of milonga lisa, phrasing and pauses, functional steps for the social dance floor.

2 :35 – 4 pm: Tango Technique (Level 2 and above) Technique for turns—individual and in couples.

Friday, February 21st

8:15 – 9:40 pm: Tango Salon III (Level 2 and above) Sacadas and barridas, linear and circular, oriented in the line of dance.

9:50 – 11:15 pm: Vals II (Level 2 and above) Caminatas, sacadas and adornos synchronized to vals rhythm

Saturday, February 22nd

4 – 5:25 pm: Tango Salon IV (Level 2 and above) Technique and speed in turns and enrosques - different intensity of movements.

5:35 – 7 pm: Tango Salon V (Level 2 and above) Musicality: dancing different orchestras differently.

Sunday, February 23rd

2 – 3:25 pm: Milonga II: (Level 2 and above) Playing with changes in weight and adornos in double-time.

3 :35 – 5 pm: Vals III (Level 2 and above) Explore musicality in vals rhythm using different dynamics and turns.


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Tue Apr 22 @ 8:00PM - 01:00AM
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Milongas TANGO MIO MILONGA AT CANDELA (formerly Leonardo's)

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